A birthday is the date that you are born: the month, date, & year. Some choose to remember the time & day as well. Birthdays seem to be a universal celebration. Astrologers need your birthday information to read your stars.

Some ages are special: newborn, 13, 16, 18, 21, & 65 years of age. A newborn is cherished since he/she just arrived into this world. Thirteen years introduce the young one to the teens when they are in, or at the end of, their junior high. Sixteen years is referred to as “Sweet Sixteen”, & some could get their learner’s license then. Eighteen & twenty one years are known for the drinking/graduation from high school (& possibly college or university) age. Sixty-five years usually imply retirement.

There is one controversy, however. It is called the leap year, where there is a February 29 every 4th year. The incumbent turns a new year every four years, numerically speaking.

The traditional food everywhere is any type of cake for a person of any age. Giving gifts to the birthday person is also a ubiquitous act. Some adults choose to buy expensive gifts as a rule, such as diamond earrings; others choose another meaningful route. In other words, the presents may not be expensive but they hold value. Flowers are also common presents.

The birthday people stereotypically hold parties (including surprise) where there is alcohol & everyone is in it to have a good time. They can also be at a gathering in a restaurant where the traditional “Happy Birthday” is sung.

Children usually either invite their friends over or meet at their favorite fast food restaurant. This is usually done by invitation cards. Presents are given by all the children guests to the birthday child. The birthday child usually dresses up for the occasion. The birthday child, at home, holds games such as “Pin the Tail on the Donkey,” “Pass the Parcel”, “Musical Chairs,” & “Guess How Many Marbles Are In the Jar.”  There is obviously the cake & usually, there are light snacks with juices. Upon leaving, each “child guest” is given a “loot bag” where there are miscellaneous goodies involved.

For both adults & children, gift cards are popular. Presents can be wrapped or given in a gift bag with tissue. Birthday cards are usually given to the birthday person, irrespective of the incumbent’s age. These birthday cards can be home made with crafts/computer, or bought at various shops. They can be funny, serious or even blank. Some are musical. Extra postage is required for large cards. 

Birthdays are a way to remind ourselves to cherish & value the “birthday person”, regardless of age, of both you & them. One form is the gift giving. Let’s make each year special, & let the tradition continue.