The New Year ubiquitously falls on January 1, XXXX, where the last “X” gets incremented by 1 from the previous year. Other cultures or religions also have their own dates such as for the Chinese New Year. The Chinese New Year usually has an animal associated with it.

The normal greeting for the New Year is “Happy New Year.” It is a national holiday.

Parties usually take place on New Year’s Eve on December 31st. Everyone gets together & watches the countdown on TV. For some, it is the annual get-together. They all cook, eat & stay awake until at least midnight. Midnight is the turning point. For those that cannot congregate, New Year/Season’s Greetings cards are sent out to them. 

One annual event in the US is the ball dropping in the New York Times Square at midnight. There is usually a large crowd to witness the event. The Rockefellar Centre is there with a full skating rink.

Some use this time & holiday season to take a personal, romantic or family trip. They go to their home countries, ski & other resorts, as well as other places that interest them. They may also take time off, just stay at home & spend it with family. During this time, they can watch holiday TV, hold dinners, & invite their friends throughout the day. They can also carry out fun activities such as going ice skating, sledding, or the children can enjoy themselves at play institutions. Shopping-wise, there would be remainders from Boxing Sale that many could purchase for a good price. Watching movies in theaters would be another option. In all cases, the idea is the feeling of togetherness & possibly, to carry out as many activities as can be done.

One major subject related to the New Year is “The New Year’s Resolution.” This is an opportunity to list ways to self-improve or plan accomplishments. Many compose this & try to implement it during this New Year.

Other cultures & religions who have their own New Year have different ways of celebrating it with their own traditions. Learning about this is a great way to expand your knowledge & intermingle with other people in the society. 

The New Year is a great way of turning over a new leaf & feeling ready to lead an exemplary year. Its celebration should only add to this confident feeling. Maybe everyone can join & help each other accomplish everything. This is a feeling of unity, respect, & of course carrying out the tradition.