Valentines Day, or St. Valentines Day, is celebrated every fourteenth day of February each year. It is a day of expression of love, usually between two people. Countries that celebrate it include: Canada, United States of America, UK, Mexico, France, & Australia. 


Common gifts given on Valentines Days are jewelry, roses, teddy bears, & other exquisite items.  The color of the rose is usually red to symbolize love. Some choose to indulge in an extravagant dinner, or maybe even a trip to a resort. Fancy cards usually come with the package & have been a tradition for centuries.  It is a common time to express one’s love for one another-maybe a reminder to make more time to spend with one another.


Some do choose not to celebrate it at all. It is an exciting period for children, however. There is usually some sort of paper exchange among them. It is worth noting that people in the era of Middle Ages acquainted Valentines Day with the mating term of birds.


Valentines Day’s background is most commonly linked to Rome – to the festival of Lupercalia. This commemorated the beginning of spring & too, fell around the same time in February. The events of Lupercalia dealt with fertility rituals. It had one event that dealt with the formation of a relationship of women with men according to lottery. In the fifth century, the Pope declared Lupercalia as Valentines Day. It was only in the fourteenth century that St. Valentines Day started being an emblem of love. 


It is believed that there were three victims, all called either “Valentines” or “Valentinus.” One wanted to illegalize the marriage of young men. Another legend is that one “Valentines” helped Christians abscond from prison and was a fatality. 


A symbol of love is Cupid. Cupid is the Roman God of different types of love, according to Wikipedia. He is always photographed as someone young holding a bow & tons of arrows. His Greek equivalent is Eros, & his Latin equivalent is Amor.


Any saint related to the celebration of Valentines Day is conceded to support love & be courageous.


On this day, in 1929, one unfortunate incident did occur, however. It is known as the St. Valentines Day Massacre. Murder took place due to the desperation of control of illegal liquor dealings.


Valentines Day is a day to value & acknowledge your other half. It is a way to keep the other half happy – through gifts & soft words in cards & conversations. It serves as an exemplary day when it comes to expressing love. It is a reminder to treat each other with respect & be there for each other – a nice treatment on both sides. This day promotes love & healthy relationships - a source of happiness for all.