Once we find out our roots, we can feel like we belong somewhere. We come from our parents who have specific beliefs, aims, traditions as well as traditional garments. We can choose what we want to believe in from these; at least there is a solid predefined foundation.

We can also choose to pursue your background. This can be in the form of visits to historical sites & museums. You can see where the ruins are that relate to your background & travel there.

It can also be done through ancestry.ca, where you can search for your predecessors. Moreover, you can take up History as a personal interest. You can read History books & watch historical movies or programs as examples.

Through such soul searching, we can form our personalities & choose what we want to be & do. We can continue the lineage of languages spoken & miscellaneous paraphernalia handed down for generations. 

Other “hand-me-downs” include property, wealth, & businesses. Please note that these can be the source of controversies due to jealousy, for example.

Another important derivation factor is food. There is food for certain occasions in many cultures & that can always be implemented. For example, in general, there are birthday cakes for birthdays & pumpkin carving/costume/trick-or-treating during Hallowe’en.

A lot of countries have their own airlines for air travel. These, in turn, sometimes serve food of the country to or from where you are traveling. If an airline travels to or from your country, there is bound to be your culture’s food.

Some food items are specific to a culture & are famous for that. For example, samosas represent at least India; pizza & pasta represent Italy. It seems to be international knowledge.

For fashion, there are a lot of shops available that carry traditional clothes. There are a lot of magazines to advertise these. There are also brand names. Fashion designers are also available to continue the dressing in traditional garments. 

To maintain the roots, there are different gatherings for all the occasions. For example, during Thanksgiving in North America, there is always a roast/baked turkey dinner for the immediate and/or extended family as well as close ones. There are congregations also such as for Christmas. 

Historical roots wear many caps. These exist in the form of history, food, congregations, fashion, wealth, businesses, properties among other forms. I feel it is important to learn where we came from & choose what to do to make a mark on the page.